Strength Traning

I played on my HS JV baseball team last year as a freshman and hope to play on it again as a sophmore. I mostly play 2B but enjoy pitching more. I was the starting 2B after 1 of the guys got moved up to Varsity. The problem is that I’m the smallest and weakest guy in the entire baseball program (JV and Varsity). I’m 5’6 125 lbs. As a hitter i am a slap hitter–I dont K much but dont get very many extra base hits. As a pitcher I am a control pitcher. I can occasionally hit 70 but am usually in the mid 60’s. This semester I’m talking a 90 min strength training class every day at my school. We have a very nice weight room. Here’s the results I’ve had so far.
(Weights are NOT max–3 sets of 3)
Bench Press-75 lbs (free weights)
Military Press-80 lbs (machine)
Leg Press-235 lbs
Dead Lift-200 lbs
Incline-70 lbs
Toe Raises-125 lbs
Bicep Curls-50 lbs
Cleans-70 lbs
Lat Pull-75 lbs
Inclined Sit-Ups (60 degree angle)-30 in 60 sec

What do I need to work most. Which excercises will be most benificial to baseball. When you respond I don’t want to see things like “Man you are really freakin weak” or “Dude you suck”. I know I’m not very strong–I want to know what is most important to pitching and hitting. I would be happier throwing 90 mph and benching 125 lbs compared to throwing 75 mph and benching 300 lbs.

not very many people have the military press in there workout, i would take it out

go over to the strength training forum, I willing to bet your answer is over there.

I would gladly cut Mill Pess out but It is one of the ones that we have to dothe ones we have to do at least once per week are Mill and Bench Press squats and box squats Dead lift and Cleans Push Press and Incilne Bench Press