Strength training

i know i have brought this up before but does anyone have any thoughts of the the athletic picther program at

Woolforth is very good at what he does!

price is steep though especially if you dont have all the equipment, but its all worth it if the program is that good, i was told if i started using it i wouldnt have to lift weights

You should lift weights if your an aspiring baseball player, this includes pitchers too. The weights should be lifted prior to starting the specific throwing program. Its a protocol that is followed and repeated through an athletes career. Its a cycle that goes round and round. In general a person lifts to gain maximal strength than that strength is transformed into speed/power. The speed and power is than directly linked to your sport through movements that best mimick what it is you do. The athlete uses a maintainence program to best keep the strength that he has gained. After his season is over he detrains [rests]. Than the cycle repeats itself once again.

In all honesty if you are playing high school ball it is to late to now start a program and expect adequate results. This is done during the winter but there is an offseason after this years season is over. good luck! Call or email Woolforth and he will tell you what you need to do to get involved you may also learn that you can aquire the goods on your own but still get his routines for working out.

what im saying is that i was told that this is basically a weight lifting workout

more opinions please, i like lots of them

is “the athletic pitcher” program legit though? woolforth says all these things about getting better and about gaining velocity and such from his program, is it all true? have any of you tried it?

yea ive been debating for a long time whether or not to get it because it seems too good to be true but who knows

You should check out For 80 bucks a year they set up workout routines and diet plans for you based on your individual needs. They have in-season and out of season baseball workouts. And they have staff members to answer your questions on-line. A lot of pro athletes work out at thier AZ. facility. Worth a look. Core perfromance is an excellent general fitness book as well.

P.S. You can do a 1 week trial for free without giving a credit card number. It gives you a chance to see if it would be helpful to you without first having to dump money on it. Pretty rare opportunity these days.

I met Woolforth at a recent baseball convention that we both spoke at. I didn’t get into any details about his program but I do know that we agreed on issues like long distance running and being powerful. The short time I talked to him was a good time and he certainly didn’t say anything that I disagreed with. I just didn’t get to hear him when he was talking about his bodyblade type exercises.

Without seeing what he was teaching with strength training, I think beginners often need a basic overall strength program. Your program can get more specific as you get more lifting experience.

A lot of people have strength programs that are sold and sometimes even given out. I can’t remember his screenname exactly but raiderbb (or something like that) has his team’s program on his website. I sell programs from my site as well. There a many good programs but the one constant in any effective program is that you just really have to push yourself beyond what it is used to if you really want to see a change.

Most of you guys should be in your inseason program now. Your program should change throughout the year and the inseason is one of the times you will change things up. If you are doing the same thing you were doing during the offseason then you should probably take a look at some of these programs and what they do during the inseason.

you can go to and find thousands of FREE articles, FREE programs, and take a couple snatch info from a few sources and create a plan that will work best for you