Strength Training for a weak person

I played on my HS JV baseball team last year as a freshman and hope to play on it again as a sophmore. I mostly play 2B but enjoy pitching more. I was the starting 2B after 1 of the guys got moved up to Varsity. The problem is that I’m the smallest and weakest guy in the entire baseball program (JV and Varsity). I’m 5’6 125 lbs. As a hitter i am a slap hitter–I dont K much but dont get very many extra base hits. As a pitcher I am a control pitcher. I can occasionally hit 70 but am usually in the mid 60’s. This semester I’m talking a 90 min strength training class every day at my school. We have a very nice weight room. Here’s the results I’ve had so far.
(Weights are NOT max–3 sets of 3)
Bench Press-75 lbs (free weights)
Military Press-80 lbs (machine)
Leg Press-235 lbs
Dead Lift-200 lbs
Incline-70 lbs
Toe Raises-125 lbs
Bicep Curls-50 lbs
Cleans-70 lbs
Lat Pull-75 lbs
Inclined Sit-Ups (60 degree angle)-30 in 60 sec

What do I need to work most. Which excercises will be most benificial to baseball. When you respond I don’t want to see things like “Man you are really freakin weak” or “Dude you suck”. I know I’m not very strong–I want to know what is most important to pitching and hitting. I would be happier throwing 90 mph and benching 125 lbs compared to throwing 75 mph and benching 300 lbs.

It really sounds like you just need to keep working on total body strength. You just have to push it. Really focus on your legs because thats where it all starts. Does your teacher/coach put you on a specific program or do you have much freedom?

In that class we all (the whole Class) does a warm up and a test such as 4o yrd or push ups Overall there are 20 tests (we do 1 per day)
that takes usually 30min then we get to go in the weight room for the final 60 minutes we hare a Few lifts that are required such as bench press towel bench Incline bench squat box Squat Cleans Dead lift we have to do these at least once a week after those we are Free to do what ever want Its a very open ended class (Sorry about My lack of punctuation I’m doing This on a palm pilot and I haven’t really figured it out)

The most important thing about weightlifting is to have good form, period. If you don’t got good form, your not working the certain area that you need to be working. If you know you have good form, just take it one step at a time and be patient, if you have good form, then the strength and size will come. What you should do is this:

Day 1: Biceps and upperback
Day 2: Hamstrings, calves and lower back
Day 3: Chest and triceps
Day 4: Quads, calves and hips

And also, mix in abs after youve done all of your workouts for each day.

You shouldn’t be splitting your leg workout. Quads, hamstrings, and glutes should be worked at the same time by doing squats, lunges, and other free weight ground based exercises.

I do sell strength programs for baseball players so feel free to PM or email me.

why not split them? its good to focus on one area at a time, such as one day, quads, and the next couple of days, hamstrings.

You don’t split them becuase results are actually better if you train opposite muscles one after the other.

I forget the concepts name however I believe it has been shown that working biceps-triceps, quads-hamstrings, or any opposite muscles in succession will prove for a greater workout, and ultamitely better results

You never isolate them while you are playing so it doesn’t make sense to isolate them when you are training. Make them work together. Leg extensions and leg curls are possibly the worst leg exercises you can do for athletics, unless you are doing rehab for an injury. Squats, lunges, deadlifts, and other ground based multi joint lifts are the way to go.


Have you ever experimented with doing negatives. I lift weights on a regular basis and when my strength level seemed to plateau or level off I began doing negatives. I would alternate low weight, high reps and vice/versa. It only took about 2 weeks and my strength levels shot through the roof!!! I also started gaining alot of Muscle mass. I actually had to slow down because i felt i was getting too big to pitch. Although I spend most of my time as a Father and a high school pitching coach, I still plan on doing some pithching this summer in an amateur league. Just can’t hang em up yet I guess. But seriously, If this works for you as it did for me, make sure you do plenty of stretching, do not lose your flexability.
Also get more info from Mike Griffin on negative resistence training because I in no way shape or form claim to know squat about weight training. Im just letting you know what worked for me.

I don’t normally do much eccentric work with my baseball players. It is good for hypertrophy but I prefer to use some other techniques and methods. I won’t say that it is bad but I normally like to use movements more closely associated with baseball.

I agree with you on this Mike. Hoovdawg would most likely benefit from one of your skill specific weight training programs, especially during the season. I believe negative resistence training may help him develop the muscle mass and weight gain he is looking for but this is definately an off season experiment to supplement his skill specific weight training program.

Hoovedawg- EAT EAT EAT!! You can do all the lifting you want but if u dont eat u wont get bigger. Throughout high school i trained like a mad man but i couldnt get bigger finally when i got to college i learned how to eat right and train properly and i went from 170lbs to 193lbs. If you would like a diet PM me with what you eat during the day and what you do for training and id be glad to help you out. “Pitching is the art of instilling fear” to hell with being passive get big and intimidate!!!

Just a side note. Since January my weight has gone from 126.4 to 131.1 and my body fat % has gone from 10.6% to 9.2%. For a person 5’6" ish, maybe 5’7" is this good, bad, or ok. What should i be shooting for in body fat %.

Bro u shouldnt be worrying about your bodyfat at your weight. Its great that you were able to add that weight and lose BF% but 6 or 7 lbs in two months?? You could easily get up to 150 or 160 in that period of time. EAT EAT EAT!! If your looking forward to your next meal your not eating enough. Just remember to stretch all the time and keep throwing and playing long toss and youll see some great improvements in your pitching and velocity. I dont know what your diet looks like but make sure your eating foods high in protein and try to cut out the junk foods (im still trying to do that hahaaha) Good luck on ur pitching journey sometimes itll seem like nothing is gonna make a difference but stick to it and never give up!


Thats just over 6 pounds of lean muscle. Great job so far. Have you started your season? If so, don’t worry about the weight as much. Keep eating and working hard but really focus on baseball and try to maintain everything you’ve gained. As soon as the season ends, it’ll be time to start putting that weight back on.

Its not bad to put a little weight on during a season but that shouldn’t be the focus. Adding a lot of muscle during the season can have an adverse effect. It takes time to train that new muscle for the fine skills involved in baseball and it can actually throw you off a little bit if you keep gaining now. Your workout program should probably be 2x/week. Good luck.

Oops sorry bout that I wasnt talking about in season training from how he explained it it sounded like he wanted advice for the offseason. I completley agree about not trying to add a lot of muscle inseaon cuz it would be 2 hard to adjust to the extra muscle/weight inseason. Inseason just try to maintain muscle mass and then in the offseason get after it.

To answer the question of what my diet is like, it’s pretty good. I probablly have 2300-2800 calories on a normal day. I’ve been trying to eat more protien, but i think I may still eat too much carbs and not enough protien.

Here’s a sample of what I eat on a regular day.

2 Waffels w/ syrup

Roast Beef and Provolone Cheese Sandwhich on “Health Nut” bread (whole wheat bread with little nuts in it)
Granola Bar
Orange Juice

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwhich on “Health Nut” bread
Strawberry Yougurt

Sunflower Seeds

Dinner (One of these)
Taco with salad and guacamole
Homemade Whole Wheat Pizzia and Salad
Whole Wheat Spaghetti with meat sauce and a salad

My high school (JV) practices started march 1st and my 1st game was the 22nd. I don’t get to pitch on my HS team, but i play 2B. We’ve played 6 games so far and I have 8 left (3 doubleheaders, 2 single games). My other league begins this thursday. In this league I probablly will pitch a lot.

if you can buy some protein powder get that and have 2 of those a day also in between the meals that should help a lot. Keep us updated on how the season goes for you.

Well so far in HS I am batting about .350 with an OBP around .400. I haven’t gotten to pitch yet. On my rec league I played my first game tonight. I grounded out a few times and only got on once. I came in as the closer and this was my stat line (keep in mind this is the same that I was on last year where I pitched a game and gave up 15 runs–12 unearned). We ended up tying the game when it was called for darkness.


nice job keep it up!