Strength Program

I am the guy who has had elbow problems in the past and I am not going to play baseball this upcoming year. I have nixed the idea of getting a cortisone shot. I am planning on not even touching a baseball for a good six months. During those six months I am planning on just trying to get my elbow and the rest of my body stronger. I am going to do about five hundred push-ups, tubing, forearm drills, and five hundred sit ups on one day. Then the next day go to a gym and do leg presses, squats, and calf raises. I plan on running a mile at least three times a week. I figure if I stick to this program I will be in good shape to come back and throw in six months and hopefully the pain will be gone. I just wanted to get some ideas from you guys on if this is a good program or not.

You should post this in the Workouts and Nutrition forum. There’s a few knowledgable guys in there who normally don’t come into this forum.

It shouldn’t take 6 mounths from elbow tendonitis. Just Ice for about 3 weeks and do strengthen 3 times a week and you should be ok. I had this problem when I had bad mechanics like 3 years ago.

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6 months is too long. Seriously when your elbow heals up. The best thing to do to get arm strength is to continue to throw throw throw. It is the only way to do it with proper mechanics.See i have friends my age who throw 75 76 becuase they have terrible mechanics and dont incorporate their entire body just all arm. I threw constantly day after day and my arm got used to the pain and now i never have pain and i throw very hard. Just throw throw throw PROPERLY and youll have strong arms. Muscle will only slow you down.

very good point at the end RawTalent. thats why you dont see people like Arnold Schwardzenegger pitch lol