Strength Phase this summer?

Hey everyone, im a sophomore and i just finishede the high school season. i just bought tuffcuff and i know it says to do a different phase during the summer but i wont be playing summer ball. so is it okay for me to do the strength phase fro june and july?

Yes. Start with Phase 3, Week 1 if you’ve got a decent conditioning base already. Otherwise start with Phase 1, Week 5. It’s still important to throw and get bullpens in. Can you also throw live batting practice once a week against a team or bunch of hitters?

thanks for the reply steven. but yes im going to start with phase 1 week 5. i just dont have access to a place to squat, or a machine to do the leg exercises listed in day 1. so my main questions are, what should i do that is similar to squats, and what should i replace the leg machine exercises with? i have access to the dumbells, medicine ball, and tubing. thanks again so much

Oh that’s no problem at all about the squats. Just do them with dumbbells in each hand … or get a sand bag and put it behind your shoulders. Or do medicine ball squats. Lots of variations that are just as good as more traditional squats.