Strength Coach in Florida

Hey Guys,

My name is Zach and I’m glad to be here! I’m a strength & conditioning coach and own a sports performance training facility. I work primarily with baseball & football athletes. My website is here at I played college baseball at Florida Tech (NCAA Div. 2) and two years of pro ball with the Florida Marlins. I was also the head varsity baseball coach at Viera H.S. (Florida) for their first 2 seasons.

I’m passionate about helping high school athletes doing whatever it takes to make the jump to the next level. As an unrecruited high school athlete, I know first-hand how much time, energy, and sacrifice it takes to “get your shot.” It was a natural transition for me to become a strength coach so I could pay it forward to up and coming athletes.

I’ve worked with a ton of college baseball athletes and also train a few pro ballplayers (including one big leaguer). If you need tips or advice on training and nutrition, I’d be happy to provide some insight.


Did you pitch for the marlins? and welcome

Nah, a catcher - so I understand you whacky pitchers (LOL). Pretty much a glorified bullpen catcher for 2 years, but it was a blast!

Dang. Did you get paid a lot to work as a bull pen catcher?

No, I played & got paid… just seemed like I was there more to catch bullpens. Unsigned free-agent with Florida from 99-01. Got drafted by the Orioles in 1998 but stayed in school to finish my degree instead.

Oh ok well welcome to the forums haha.

Welcome Zach! I really like your website. Clear and concise.

Welcome! Glad to have you on board. The “Pitching Workouts/Nutrition” forum was made just for you. :wink: