Strength and Conditioning for 12U pitcher


My son is a strong pitcher with good mechanics and above average velocity. He experienced elbow pain after throwing 44 pitches on Sunday and 22 pitches on Wednesday (to the point where he asked to be pulled from the mound at Wednesdays game). Took him to the ortho and fortunately there is no damage. How the ortho explained it is that his ability exceeds what his body can handle. He’s growing like a weed and one of his growth plates in particular is wide open, which is likely the cause of the pain. So he’s taking a break from pitching for now. Any recommendations for strength and conditioning exercises he can do that will help build the surrounding ligaments and tendons? thanks,


You can’t go wrong with body weight exercises–seriously so underrated and beneficial. Air squats, push-ups, pull-ups, band assisted dips to 90 degrees, hanging leg ups, lunges, step ups, etc all are compound exercises that build strength effectively and safely.