Strength and conditioning for 11 yr old

Looking for advice on a strength and conditioning routine that would be appropriate for a 11 yr old pitcher. Just doing some very basic things at this point. Push-ups, sit-ups, planks done with team during winter practice twice weekly. His coach wants 25 sit-ups and 25 push-ups on non practice days, which takes maybe 5 min. Looking to put together a workout that is maybe 30 min a day on the non practice days. He’s 85 lbs just shy of 5’.

I would say hit about 100 balls off a tee, throw about 10 minutes and a 20-30 pitch bullpen (if he pitches) maybe do this every other day. Then end with a little run or sprints. He is just 11 so these things will make it fun!

Great post… At 11 this is the perfect age to incorporate some light exercises for arm health and strength.

Body weight and bands are appropriate. At 11 kids are limited on muscle development, you can get stronger but the real gains are “bullet proofing” the arm against fatigue and wear and tear.

work the legs and core as well as the arm… They produce the power and also are the first to get fatigued which is where performance and injury come into play.

Legs: jump rope, sprints, box jumps, running stairs/hills, stair master etc.

Jogging won’t help velocity, baseball and pitching is a ballistic movement vs aerobic. Having said that it will help with stamina and it will fight off fatigue.

Core: sit ups or crunches, medicine ball twists or kettle ball swings, hitting off the tee as well… From both sides.

Arms: push ups, exercise bands and med ball tosses. Keep in mind nothing beats throwing at least four days a week.

These are mostly tools vs specific exercises. YouTube any key words like “baseball band workout” “core medicine ball” etc and you’ll have tons of options.

Other thoughts:

-It’s about 10-12 reps & 2 sets… Push them but don’t try to max out
-2days a week is good… 3 max
-I gave a bunch of different tools… It’s good to tease the muscles with varied workouts and helps youngsters who need variety

  • stretch before and after… Flexibility is critical
  • swimming and yoga are great options
    -keep it fun and go in casual and slow if needed. Positive feedback is important and whatever you can do to get them to “buy in”… Rarely do kids
    younger than 14 really enjoy workouts.

This is right up there with having fun and developing solid mechanics. My son hasn’t had arm pain at all and eats up kids in the later innings when most kids get tired.

I would suggest focusing nearly completely on arm care meaning stretches.

Bands are good (as previously mentioned) but only if done properly.

Eleven years old is too young to start taking the fun out of things…it is like training a puppy for hunting…the lesson is over when the kid shows that he has had enough.

Always end on a good note and in my opinion…I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THE COMMENT OF HITTING A BALL 100 TIMES OFF A TEE! I will emphasize as well…throw, throw, throw to build arm strength!

at 11 i would not spend time on strength and conditioning. you will get marginal return for the time spent until he reaches puberty. however, now is when you can work on the nervous system and skill development. throwing mechanics and building up arm strength through throwing, and lots of swinging of the bat eventually stressing the nervous reflex systems to maximum and slightly over maximum levels is extremely beneficial @ 11. throw bp then move up and throw about 15% harder than he is going to see in game situation.

this worked wonders with my guy @ 11 and he was not the biggest or best player/pitcher @ 11.

I’m going to repost & get somewhere in the middle on my post.

I gave out a list a mile long, but it was for 2 sessions per week @ :20-:30.

I agree to keep things light & fun, but the value of some arm care work preseason as well as a day in season is very valuable for health.

rotate them in between swings etc & it’ll stay fresh & fun. Throwing is the key, but I can say the day we incorporated 2X a week light arm care with variety is the beginning of pain free/soreness free pitching.

Thanks for the advice everyone! I’ll let you know what we end up doing. I will say the main goal is to keep it simple, and fun. Thanks again.