Guess somebody has to start the discussion about Strasburg, ESPN said that it may have just been one pitch that made him need the Tommy Johns surgery, are we all just one pitch away from that?

I really do everything I can to keep myself healthy including pitch limits and no curve balls.

I really feel bad for the guy, I’m not a Nationals fan but it was cool to watch him pitch. I hope I have the discipline to do what he did.

im watching mlb network right now and their showing is roas to recovery. ill be posting back later. if you have directtv its on channel 213

I have a hard time believing it was one pitch that caused the injury. My guess is that it was accumlated wear and tear of throwing 100mph combined with the adrenaline and pressure of meeting all of the expectations placed upon him at the MLB level.

The doctors that examined it said it was one pitch not a culmination however hard it may be to believe thats what they said i guess thats one of the downsides of hurling 100mph any one time it can be all over.

His UCL could’ve been unraveling little by little this entire season. Yes it was that one pitch that finally tore it, but I’m sure it was breaking down a micro amount this entire time. No one will ever know for sure, but they will sure try to make you believe they do.

That’s how it goes when you play sports at the highest level. Risk/reward.

And Strasburg has 15 million reasons why he doesn’t need to change a thing about the way he throws. :wink: 8)

the elbow surgury was not just one pitch. it was his horrible horrible mechanics. just horrible

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Gary Waslewski Jr. (Sr. was a pro pitcher) who trained with Dr. Andrews and who works with the Phoenix Coyotes, Arizona Cardinals, college teams, etc. wrote and article about Tommy John surgery. In the article, he describes how doctors need to identify when damage from wear and tear is above and beyond the “normal” wear and tear that all pitchers have.

Just a hunch I have, but I bet that some of the cause was his shoulder issue. I can’t speak for Strasburg but I bet his body naturally tried to take some of the stress of his shoulder so his elbow took more of a beating.
Just a hunch, but I know thats how I injured my elbow. My shoulder was weak, so my body tried to compensate by putting more stress on my elbow.

I just feel so badly for this kid… he’s so good! But it strikes me that he’s got the head and work ethic to come back from this setback… Don’t you agree?

There will be some naysayers but shame on anybody that tries to kick him when he is down. He’s got an uphill climb but if his replacement tendon is made of the same stock as his current UCL…he’ll be fine. If I was him, I’d start a list of every pitcher who had TJ surgery and came back on the one wall of my bedroom. And on the other wall…I’d put all the quotes of anybody with anything bad to say. This is where crisis meets opportunity.

With what I understand from what it took him to get here I don’t think this will be an ender for him, I hope he comes back stronger and with more confidence and rocks the league.

joking I presume?