Strasburg MLB Debut

So Steven Strasburg is scheduled to debut for the Nationals on June 8…and I am goin to the game! I can’t wait. My buddy and I are roadtripping to DC from Illinois for this. All I can hope is that he doesn’t get hurt and/or rain out :frowning: haha I dont know what I would do if that happened.

Anyways, it should be fun!


You should check with Ripley’s Believe It or Not…you may possibly be the person who has driven the farthest to see the Pittsburgh Pirates play a baseball game. I mean, I know people in the suburbs of Pittsburgh that won’t drive five miles to see them play.

Enjoy, but if you check out the crazy outrageous predictions thread, you’ll see that Strasburg will lose this game to the hapless Pirates. I just hope the Nats are drinking the same water as the Cubbies… :lol:

oh no that rare goat defecated aqua substance is only found where the brick meets the vine…At the cross roads of Waveland and Sheffield…Windy City…Land-o-Lincoln…and Dumbobama.:pullinghair:
I was born there I know…

How was the game? Strasburg pitched a real game I saw. 14ks in 7 innings? Wow thats ultra impressive, but even more for a MLB debut… Have a feeling hes going to be a HOF pitcher. Looking forward to watching his next start.

R H P22

re Strasburg:

Oh that one really belongs in the crazy and outrageous predictions thread.

The game was incredible. It was very exciting and I dont think Nationals Park will ever have that many people there again haha. After seeing him in person, it is my opinion that if he stays healthy, he will be one of the best ever. He has the tools needed to be successful… command of 3 pitches, velocity, movement, and composure on the mound…he had so much pressure yet he still gave an amazing performance in his debut. Amazing.