Stras vs Timmy

Can’t wait to see this match up.

I know Timmy’s been scuffling to say the least but I hope it turns out to be one for the ages.

How are you going to watch the game?

Well I could stream it online, one of the local sports channels up here I think is showing it, there’s or I could just pick it up on the radio, lotsa options really.

MLB Network if you have it

We still don’t have that up here, can’t wait for it to come here though. For now I have to settle with the MLB Extra Innings package.

Lincecum had a bad day! He’s had a bad year. Well, you got to experience the lowest lows to really appreciate the highest highs.

How would you feel to be Strasburg…threatening to take him out of the game when it really matters. Isn’t that what all this work is supposed to be for?