Strange Question

I usually lift after school and Track Practice (4:00) ish. The thing is at this time I’m really tired. Later in the evening (8-10) I get really pumped up to go lift or play catch or do something, and by thing time I have to go to sleep. If i listen to a little music before I go to sleep it gets me even more awake.

To make it even stranger, once I get in bed I’m tired again and can usually go to sleep pretty quickly. What should I do? Is it not good to lift at 9 then go to sleep at 10?

I generally lift later as well, do to practice. I find the later evening quite convenient and I am able to get “hyped up” for lifting.

I would say it’s really only bad to lift later if your truly low on energy.
However I want to say studies show morning lifting is when your body is technically in the most anabolic state… but if your tired it doesn’t gain you anything.

Over the summer I lifted every morning 8:45 mon, tues, thurs, fri

I’ve generally lifted later in the day since school started and I don’t notice much of a difference.