Straightforward advice for ballplayers in 10 minutes

Here is some very honest advice from Matt Antonelli, who has been vlogging a lot on his YouTube channel while he is rehabbing from two different surgeries. Most of Matt’s vlogs don’t have much to do with baseball…many of his video logs are just amusing or thought-provoking glimpses into routine life.

Unfortunately, most of the kids who may need this advice the most may also be the ones who are most quickly bored or ‘turned off’ by it…the allure of the “quick fix” and “the single thing that will take you to the next level” is a marketer’s dream, and an aspiring player’s nightmare:

Who is Matt Antonelli?

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Flippin, you’re right on target as usual, and so is this Antonelli guy. It takes time and effort, and I wish more people would realize this.
I can explain how to use the crossfire delivery, but the pitcher has to work at it. When Ed Lopat showed me how to throw the slider, I got the hang of it in about ten minutes, but it took me eight or nine months before I got that pitch where I wanted it. 8)