Can you see how fast you throw my useing a stopwatch?

It is possible but I don’t think very easy to do. Best to have a radar gun.

i agree with bower

yeah lol i tried and failed misrably

In my playing days,many moons ago, there was no such thing as “radar guns”. If one needed to have a fastball or other pitch timed, a good reliable stopwatch worked nicely. I remember one game I pitched; I was warming up and I threw something that was faster than my usual snake-jazz stuff, and when my catcher asked if I wanted to try it in the game I said sure. So the opposing batters had something else to kvetch about. Then, the next time I met with my incredible pitching coach, I told him about it and he ran into the clubhouse and got a stopwatch and told me to throw that pitch nine or ten times because he was going to time it. He did, and then he surprised me: “You have a fastball!” 81—82 miles an hour—for a finesse pitcher, a snake-jazzer such as I was, it was a fastball—a good four-seamer with a lot of movement on it. Incidentally, my hard slider was 86 miles an hour, which pleased me very much.

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