Stopping at the leg lift

well if you read some of my older post i often complained that my elbow takes most of the damage when im pitching…to the point of which if i pitch too much my hand starts to shake.

i played a game a month back it was for varsity tryouts. my first pitch was weird. i think i was nervous or some thought got caught in my head at the last moment. at the leg lift i just froze for a second. it was funny i was thinking “shit…now what?” then i threw.
the next time i threw to my dad i was curious as to how that stop affects my pitching. it seemed to put more stress on my bicept. The next day i didnt feel any pain in my elbow. i usually do when i pitch around 60 pitches. but that day…nada even when i was weight lifting i felt fine.
i havent had a second chance to try it out. i will hopefully do it today. and tell you if it was just by luck or what.