Stinging in Elbow

A few weeks ago I had a pretty good bullpen session, throwing every pitch for strikes except for my curveball. I’ve always had trouble getting topspin on it and after I was done my coach had me play catch with him throwing only curveballs from around 60 feet away. I finally got the it to spin correctly and my curve was great the next week. But the week after that I was on maybe my fourth or fifth curveball at the end of my bullpen session and I felt a little pop in my elbow. This isn’t something that is uncommon for me but it usually happens when I begin warmups. The thing that was different about this one was that it had a little sting in it.

I’ve never had an arm injury before and I do keep my arm in good shape. I’ve also been icing after every throwing session.

Two weeks have passed and the sting is still lingering. It’s not a sting that is painful, it’s just kind of annoying.

One thing I have noticed is that my fastball has naturally been coming out 3-5 mph faster than normal with no extra effort on my part, which I find odd.

What do you guys think is up? I’m leaning towards a growth spurt or tendonitis.

I’m a 16 year old lefty, 6’ 180 lbs. Fastball usually around 72-76.

It’s possible that you’ve hit a growth spurt—not uncommon at your age—so ride with it and see what happens. But if the discomfort in your elbow does not want to go away, get it checked out, preferably by a sports medicine specialist or an orthopedic guy. Incidentally, the fact that you seem to have picked up speed on your fast ball is very interesting—what is it you’re doing that might account for it? :baseballpitcher:

Had another round of tryouts today. There was no stinging but my elbow just felt dull. No pain whatsoever.

As far as the increased velocity, I’m not really sure why its happening but it could be my body compensating for my elbow.

Might be dead arm. Might be slight overuse here during the early part of the season. Get it checked out by a doc if the discomfort persists. In the mean time, you can supplement your arm strengthening routines with elbow exercises like those in my TUFFCUFF program or like these: