Still sitting at 53 MPH


I’m an 11 year old AAU and Little league pitcher. I’ve sit around 53 mph for almost a year but I’m extremely accurate. The thing is I’ve been doing so many reccomended exercises that “guarantee” velocity increase. For me, that is not the case. Any help or explanation to why I can’t increase my velocity?



Don’t push it. You’re only 11. Velocity will come as your body develops, grows, and strengthens.


Agree with south-paw and just remember everyone has a ceiling/limit, if you could just force aka “guarantee” yourself increased velocity, everyone out there would be Aroldis Chapman and throw triple digits. Get the most out of yourself and be happy, nothing wrong with wanting to be better but don’t hurt yourself trying.


@wjchop … Good point. The cruel truth is that no one really knows why some pitchers peak at 105 mph, others at 90 mph, and others at 80 mph or 70 mph. If the answer was as easy and simple as long toss, or weights, or bands, or pull ups, every Major League pitcher would throw like Aroldis Chapman. But only one does. Because no one really knows.


Yep, you are correct south_paw, and unfortunately for those of us who were never blessed to be on the high end it’s an ugly truth. Richfosc, my best advice, you’re 11, I know hard fastballs are flashy and exciting, and you see kids who, probably aren’t playing the level of competition they should be dominating with them. Just remember no gun will ever tell you how good of a pitcher you are, eventually your competition will catch up and hit you no matter how hard you throw. Become a great pitcher and don’t focus so much on how hard your throwing, you said you’re accurate, learn to hit locations consistently work on pitching guys inside & out and changing eye levels, vary your delivery, slow to fast, do everything and learn everything you can to become a great without a firey fastball, Greg Maddox was always my favorite pitcher for that very reason!


I agree with both recommendations, learn to become your own Coach by knowing how you feel when you’re throwing strikes. Repeat that feeling consistently enough and you will be a great Pitcher in the future. Learn to become confident, create a rythm that is comfortable for yourself, have great Mound presence and learn how to Pitch under pressure. If you’re able to throw strikes at 11 yrs old throwing 53 mph you’re better than the kid throwing balls at 70 mph. Best advice I ever got in HS, I threw 88 mph and was told I wasn’t a power Pitcher I needed to learn to hit my spots. As I got into College and threw 93 mph I was able to throw hard and hit the glove at will. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else or worry what someone else is doing. Be the best YOU you can be, teach yourself to hit the glove wherever it’s set up, you’ll be the best YOU for it.


Take your time young man.

My son was in the same predicament as you as an 11 year old…low 50s, very good control, good movement, great pickoff move, very good fielder, outstanding mound presence, but couldn’t blow the ball past anyone.

He went through little league as a five year all star and made a couple very good travel teams. But…kids blew right past him between the ages of 11-13. They all grew while he was still at 5’ 1" 100 lbs. he was in the low 50s and most of the other kids started moving to the mid/upper 60s.

He was skinny, gangly, somewhat uncoordinated and lacked strength and stability… until midway through his eighth grade year when he grew six inches and added twenty pounds.

The fall after his eighth grade year I started him on a 28 session velocity course that teaches the Driveline method. He also started going to a gym 3-4 times a week to lift and worked with a sports performance strength and stability coach once a week.

This past week he hit 72 mph on the radar gun.

He still has eight velocity sessions to go before high school tryouts in March. We’re hoping he can get to the mid 70s by then which would place him ahead of the curve.

He has grown to 5’7"-5’8" 120-125 lbs as a 14 year old and is a lefty. He still throws a ton of strikes with a very good curveball, good movement, very good pickoff move, and can field his position. Hopefully he makes the team.

Whether he does or doesn’t, the fact is that he’s made drastic improvements in such a short period of time…added 13 mph to his velocity from late August to now.

A big part of that is the velocity training, but also the fact that we combined it with lifting and other fitness work at a time where he was physically capable of handling it and not a minute earlier.

He’s much stronger in the upper body, scaps, delts and has drastically improved his hip flexibility, joint stability and core strength.

But…we took our time with him and didn’t start such a program until we knew he was physically ready.

Don’t worry, you’ll get there also.


This is my boy throwing last night