Still possible to throw 90 or more miles an hour at age 30?

I remember when I was 18 or 19 years of age, I used to have the ability throw at 90 mph (90 miles per hour), but when I stopped playing for
awhile and now I realized at the age of 30 that I am throw around mid 60’s
to early 70’s mph. Therefore, I am wondering if it still possibly to throw at
90 or more at my age?

Yes, there are some Major-leaguers who do.

I think he’s asking is it possible for someone who doesn’t already throw 90 to throw 90 after they are over 30

oh yea its definetly possible. my dad is 54 and can still throw in the low 80s, and was hitting 95 in high school.

Damn, 95 mph, did he get drafted?

The Director of Pitching at Diamond Baseball Jacksonville is determined to make another run at it by next spring…now he already pitched in the Blue Jay organization, but he’s been out for 5 years now. He threw against UNF’s starting team in a charity event 2 weeks ago and was in the lo 90’s so be lookin for the name Jarred Payne next year…he’s 30.