Stiff front leg or bent

When I pitch I try to not let my leg go to stiff after it plants but I’m re-thinking that whole thing since when I do stiffen it my body propels forward I get alot of leverage down on the ball and it just feels different.

In last season on some of my fastest fastballs my leg completly went stiff and my body violently whipped around I think I’m going to work on stabilizing my leg and letting it extend more then I do now.

My only concern with this small adjustment which comes natural is risk of injury. I know it puts a little more strain on the body but it gets me a little more ummmppppp. Also pitchers like Joba chamberlian to Nolan Ryan to even greg maddux almost stiffen the leg staight out.

Do you think it’s safe for a pitcher to let the leg stiffen a little more?

It just feels way better in transfering the energy up the chain and It happens on my best fastballs just not all of them.

watch the video of ryan from beind. see when his front leg stiffens. then post it on here.

It Stiffens a split second after he plants then it almost locks out and sometimes I does lock complete out.

Your leg should stiffen as you get your chest out over your front knee. Check out any of the clips. Again, this goes back to forward momentum. The proper momentum should get you over your front side, then you shouldn’t have to worry much about your leg.

Well forward momentum does automatically fix my bent leg problem I have to make sure i stiffens and train my body to do it and make it 2nd nature. But I look to train my body to stiffen the leg so that I can transfer the energy more easier up the chain to my arm. Also when I stiffen and then tilt the shoulders and drive down to the left I get great extension and everything out of my body which will help me.