Stiff Back

I already put this in the mechs forum, but I’ll get even more views this way. :lol:

Naturally I have a very stiff lower back and this causes me to follow through very high when I pitch. I have to make a conscious effort to try to “bend over” and even this is very hard. It’s not that my back gets tight, it just naturally is stiff in the lower part. Sometimes, my lower back is sore in the middle of pitching and is usually a little sore after the game.

What can I do to fix this? Also, what does the back do in the kinetic chain of the pitching mechanics?

Go to a chiropractor and have them take a look at it.

Post some video so we can see if there is something mechanical that is causing you issues or if there is an adjustment you might be able to make to help things.

I’ll trying to get a video of me as soon as possible.