Stick with baseball?

ok i play 3 sports. baseball, basketball, and football. i love all three sports. however, i’ve heard it can be a waste of time to play 3 sports when there is one that you’re clearly best at. i am best at baseball, or so i’ve been told. baseball is also my favorite sport out of the 3, but then again i find myself saying the same thing about the other two during those seasons as well. my question is, should i find the sport i’m best at (more than likely baseball) and focus on it alone? should i continue playing all 3? should i drop one sport and play just 2? or what?

Much Appreciated,

How old are you? Where do you live? Is baseball played year-round there? It would help to know these things because, for example, if you’re a freshman and live where it’s not possible to play baseball all year round, then playing at least one other sport would definitely be a good thing as it would make you more well-rounded as an athlete and you wouldn’t be missing out on baseball at times when others are continuing to work on baseball.

I have heard the Cleveland Indians announcers say that scouts dont just like to see you do well in the pressure times on a mound or at bat, but also when you are at the free throw line or when the other team is in the redzone and you need a big defensive stop because you are down by 4.

i’m going into my junior year of high school. and live in michigan. so there’s no baseball year round. lol. so what you’re both saying is i should continue to play all my sports?

Well, I’m not telling ya’ what to do - just giving you some things to think about. It’s your decision. But, since you don’t have winter baseball, playing another sport would be a fun way to keep yourself in shape while giving your arm a break from throwing (unless you play quarterback).

On the other hand, if you can find a way to get in some fall/winter pitching, that might be good since your junior year in high school tends to be important for impressing scouts and attending showcases - if you’re in an area where thee will be scouts and showcases.