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I liked your latest blog on how to get practice on location transferrable to game situations. I did something similar with my son last year but I used pieces of wood. I like yours better because the fear factor is reproduced.

Here’s a link to it, in case you haven’t read it:

Thanks dm59. I’ve been working with a 13 yo team in Lincoln/Sudbury, Mass., and had two of our pitchers doing this in practice Sunday night. They’re above avg. pitchers in practice. But in the games, they’re a mess. One pitched last night and did much better, but we lost to a stronger team. The other pitchers goes Thursday. Like anything, this takes time. It’s going to take a few practices to really ingrain this mentality.

By the way: I love coaching these 13 yo kids. It’s their first time on the big field. My good friend is the coach and has a nephew on the team who also pitches. They needed coaches, so I told him I’d help :slight_smile:

“I’ve been working with a 13 yo team in
and did much better”

What a great feeling that is 8) . I’m jealous. :roll:
Nice idea though, simple and inexpensive.