Steven Ellis pitching mechanics (GIFs)


Hey Steve,

Any chance of getting a clip of your mechs up here?


I think there’s one floating around on laflippin’s YouTube page. Not sure.


Cool I’ll look it up


Here’s some 94-95 MPH cheese :smile: Now remember, this was shot before iPhones and digital video, so the quality is very, very poor. The clip is from a half dozen appearances in the summer 2002 when I was closing pitching in the Chicago Cubs minor leagues for the Lansing Lugnuts (low-A) and Daytona Cubs (high-A). I’ll have to double check my stats, but I believe I had 120 Ks in 80 innings in that closer role.

Thanks to @laflippin for putting this together.


That’s some really nice torque and trunk flexion right there.


Right on thanks Steve.