"stepping over something" leg stride

what is it?
how to do it?

any vidoes or pics

I believe this is the “step over” that Lincecum does. Its really simple to do when your foot gets ready to plant just pretend your stepping over a banana peal/cinder block. It adds about an extra 6 inches to my stride. Just watch vids of lincecum’s front leg and watch as he picks it up right before landing and extends it further. I hope this is what your talking about.

While this “stepping over something” may be linked to velocity and a longer stride, I don’t think that it’s something that you consciously try to do. I think that it’s just a product of keeping your frontside closed as long as possible. That’s why you see guys like Lincecum do this very aggressive “stepover” move. Think of it like this, if you were to keep your frontside completely closed and land with your foot still facing 1B or 3B (righty or lefty) when your hips opened to rotate, you would twist your knee grotesquely out of place. So at the very last second your perform this “stepover” move which in turn gets your hips to begin opening.

Just my opinion…