Stephen Strasburg's Slider Break

does any one know how to get that kind of break on a slider
his breaks like a hard curveball
i’ve seen his grip
mine always breaks across with little downward movement

what is his grip

I think those who over pronate from the 3/4s armslot tend to get more of the slow, slurvy break than a nice downer. Instead of pronating so much I focus on pushing the butt of the ball with my thumb right before release. Feels awkard at first but give it a try. I also think that not pronating so much as some guys tend to slow down as they release the ball when trying to throw a curve. Keep the motion quick and flick with the thumb. See how it works for you.

throw 100 mph and your slider might get that break

i wish

go to youtube and type in "103 mph fastball"
look at the one with stephen strasburg
he shows them fast at the beginning

Thats amazing. That kid should be in the pro’s next year, I’d assume. Now with this whole Byrice Harper attention, people who read the SI thing they did on him said he sounded very cocky and that he was just going to walk into the pros. That attention could get to his head pretty easily if he isn’t willing to work hard. I’m sure he is haha, but from what I hear he is quite full of himself.

But this guy…wow, his coach has set him up so perfectly to go the next level. He talks about how he has a lot to work on. Even the kid has such a great attitude about what will happen. He should go 1 or 2 and I’m thinking starter or reliever for a Major League team.

His coach??? One Tony Gwynn.

One of my summer league teammates was a SDSU player and he said tony gywnn is a horrible coach.