Stephen Heslin 12 yrs old Video Analysis



A lot to like to me.
Shows the bottom of the front foot, strong landing leg, nice glove, good external rotation. Repeats well. I would imagine he does very well at this age.
I am not a “mechanics” guy really, a lot more knowledge people on here than me in that regard, but, I really like what I saw.
I like the outfielder too…east to forget how boring it is being an outfielder a lot of that time at that age.


fearsome thanks for the comments. He does really well at his age level. He only has a year until High School was trying to get him prepared for that big jump.


So, he will be a 13 year old Freshman?
That is young. My son was also young, graduating at 17. It can be a tough jump for sure. He has an excellent base to work from.


Yeah he will just turn 13 when he starts his freshmen year. Luckily he is a bigger kid (5’6" 120 lbs.) and loves to get better.


Solid, for sure.

My only adjustment might be to lower his hands in the set position. He comes set with his hands/glove up by his face, which is a little high. This becomes a problem on picks to first base, especially, because the throwing arm has a much longer path to circle and throw. So I’d lower the hands in the set position to somewhere no higher than the chest.

Keep up the great work!


Thanks Steve i will have him implement that. Do you have any recommendations on who we could pattern his pick off moves his need a lot of work.


Very solid looking pitcher. One thing I do notice if I stop the video at foot strike. It looks like he has some head tilt to the left before release. It could be that the video is taken from the side, but I like to see the head up and eyes level at release. If he struggles with location once he gets fatigued, where does he usually miss?


Thanks grfett
When he gets fatigued he usually misses up and sometimes outside to right handed batters.