Staying warm between long innings

My kid was pitching on a cold wet night yesterday. Pitch an inning then sit and bat and wait to go back out. Never realized how hard that starting and stopping must be. You want to stay warmed up but you also don’t want to wear out just trying to get or stay warm. When your team is really hitting well its a blessing and a curse to the pitcher, who is trying to stay in a groove. The dug outs are just fenced off pens with a roof. Any advice between innings both for mind set and staying physically engaged?

When I used to pitch, if my team had a decent lead, I sat on the bench hoping for our batters to get out quickly so I could get back on the mound. Make sure your boy has a good jacket and at least keep his throwing arm in the sleeve. Get him a “band” if he doesn’t already have one and he can use his band to warm up his arm when there are 2 outs. It’s tough staying warm in March and April, not so much in June and July.

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Don’t overlook the importance of keeping your head warm. I played ball in Maine and we wore jackets, gloves, and knit caps on the bench when necessary. None of these performance fabrics existed and we often had long underwear on under our uniforms. Keep your core warm and it helps keep your extremities warm. If your core gets cold, the blood leaves your arms and legs to compensate. Don’t be a tough guy and try to go without a jacket when it’s cold.