Staying Up

I have a quick question, are there any techniques or methods used to keep you upbeat while pitching.

Although it is over nothing, I sometimes find my self thinking negative thoughts while trying to throw a bullpen. I know it is mostly mental but I was wondering how to just shake it off and keep throwing the way I know I can.

Thanks for the help in advance :D,

i used to have a huge problem of overthnking and analyzing too much per pitch…

you have to be mentally tough and have positive confidence… when you throw a ball slightly off key feel how you did it and correct it naturally through all the training and preparation you have done

keep positive assertive thoughts (arrogant if you will :stuck_out_tongue: ) and use things like “ok i can fix that right now” “i can do this, i will do this”

pitching is all about will power and control

good throwing m8!

Thanks for the advice, your right, I often over think my mechanics as well. And I will try to be more mentally tough and confident.

Thanks again,