Staying tall

i’ve heard alot of my son’s coaches say to him that he should stay tall. this new instructor said that he should bend more at the knees because he doesn’t have the muscle yet to stay tall. does this make sense? i would like some feed back b/4 i go back to him. but i will say this though, he did through alot faster.
thanks dad

Staying tall or drop and drive? I heard the commentators talk about Oswalt’s drop and drive style due to his lack of stature and how that helped him keep his velocity up. But is that the opposite of staying tall? What body types should do which style? Should younger kids, especially the not so strong ones, rely on drop and drive? does one take more skill at balance, timing, etc?

Staying tall, comes from all of these marvelous youth coaches you will run into. Most don’t know what it means themselves. Your pitcher must not lock his front knee as he lands on it as this will cause him to stand tall. He will be too upright which will affect his velocity and his control. He is also not using his whole body to throw. Your instructor seems to know quite a bit more than the coaches. I have instructed for years and it amazes me that parents will place their kid with any coach that sounds good, but will question an instructor to the full extent. You will see some pros who appear to stand tall, remember they are pros, and is they are having success, they can do what they want. Don’t we all want our kids to learn the right, or best way to achieve success in pitching?