Staying motivated in the winter

It’s cold. Don’t feel like working out. No one to throw with, etc., etc., etc.

What do you all do to stay motivated with your training this time of year?

What is this winter thing???
I am so spoiled…just got done throwing with Maddux my Golden Retriever…great ss…no arm for pitching…great speed on the base paths…

For all of you entombed in the vast burrrrrr…I’d like to offer up two things…first…I still have some books over on the Off Topic Dugout and I have a DVD I’d share…but I’d like for it to be passed poster to poster…It’s called “Unhittable” and it is an outstanding vid…has Nolan Ryan talking about his work out…and a whole bunch of no-hitters…including the last inning of 6 different no no’s…Now we gotta do this right…I don’t want just one guy to make off with it…it is so worth seeing…so a promise to pass it on and be responsible would have to go with my sending it…Whattya’ll say? Can we be a community and share something like this?

The will and desire has to come from within. It all comes back to the individual. How bad do you want to improve?

Grr Florida.

My motivation comes from wanting to throw harder going into HS, and making varsity there. To be honest, my log on here has motivated me a ton, too.

I love lifting nearly as much as playing baseball, I genuinly look forward to the part of the year where I can stop holding back and pump iron hard for three uninterupted months. So its not a problem for me.

Im down to be a community JD :lol: Yeah i generally like this part of the year too. I like working out and dont really find a problem of not having nothing to do to improve my game. I never want to go into the season with any regrets.

I was startin to think my very generous offer would be ignored…well Mac I guess you can be 1st in line…I assure you if you haven’t seen it, you’ll really love it…I wish I could do copies for everyone…but it’s in chapter DVD format and I ain’t got a clue as to how to do it…
PM me your address and I’ll mail it tomorrow…Now the next in line gets it after you’ve had a good look…it’s about 2.5 hrs of interesting stuff.
You must promise to mail it…and take care of it…so everyone can get a look…if no one else wants it…please send it back to me ok?

You got my word JD

Ok I’m mailing it to Mac Cove today, if anyone else wants to get in line…I’d highly recommend it, this is one of the coolest MLB vids I’ve ever seen…Has an entire movie going over historical no no’s as well as what I’ve already mentioned…adults can play too…they just have to move it down the line…the vid alone can be the basis for countless topics…and help evaporate the winter blues for you suckers…I mean poor hapless northerners and winter bound westerners have to deal with… :wink:

JD…You even call your dog “Maddux”???

Ok… so I got up this morning at 5:30 to hit the YMCA gym with the kid before school and looked out the window and what did I see? Something you’ll never get the pleasure of JD…Lake Erie graciously dumped a FOOT of snow (white poison) in my back yard…that includes my 200 foot driveway too.

No school for once (usually just a two hour delay)!!!

No workout either…“get back in the rack kid…we’re takin advantage of this one.”

On average I only have about nine more of these storms to go through the rest of the winter.

So here’s the way this poor hapless northerner looks at it. If a kid from Pennsylvania can endure, motivate himself, dedicate his winter to lifting and proper eating; shovel his way through piles and piles of snow to get to an indoor mound where with the heater on the temperature might climb to 55 during a winter bullpen. If the kid loves the act of pitching that much then I guess that kid’s earned every bit of opportunity his old man can provide. And just maybe it will mean more to him that he can develop his pitching skills in the sunny south.

I gotta admit though, as I looked out the window toward the backyard tonight…that white snow contrasting with the soft yellow setting sun, thin scratchy arms of the quaking aspen against the grey misty lake effect clouds with patches of bright blue sky and a large whitetail doe pawing around for some leftover apples was a sight often seen but never tired of.

We’ll definitely get up and hit the gym tomorrow and thank god we saw today.

I lived in New York City for years, and one never knew what the weather was going to be from one week to the next, but I managed. I could always find some indoor place, even my high school gym when I went there, where I could work out without freezing my tush off, and I could always find someone to get behind the plate—that is, a spot 60’6’’ away, where I could work on my slider or sharpen up my control. When the weather got warm—and believe me, even in mid-January we would get temperatures in the 60s to low 70s—my catcher and I would go out to an unused playing field and work there. There’s always something one can do to adapt to the weather conditions in winter. Of course, when spring came…

Well I can claim this one is not my fault…last Christmas my wonderful wife and youngest son decided I needed a replacement for my beloved Golden Retriever (Gus the Good) whom had passed away amid much wailing and tears from yours truely (Man he was a great dog that Gus…he used to laugh…honest to goodness laugh and visably smile…we got him from the pound and he was a day from being put down…he had given up so much that I had to carry him to the car and house…well he was with us for 14 years…what a blessing). So anyway as some of our readers know I’m a total history buff, American History is my speciality and as a conservative I was gonna name my new pure bred Golden after the only Southern General to become a republican…General James Longstreet. Lee’s nickname for Longstreet was “Old Pete”…so I was going to formally name him after the general and call him Old Pete…or just Pete…my dog right? I can name him what I feel like right? HA! The boss decides that ain’t gonna work for her…noooooo :roll: …“your dog…I don’t like the name”…“Andy, whats dads favorite pitchers name?”…so there you go…not my making at all.
I grew up in Chicago…so I vaguely remember multiple feet of white cold stuff…mostly as a nightmare…just kidding…as a kid it was great…sledding and hockey and football in the snow…snow days and ice forts…and watching ice make underground rivers in the gutters when it started to melt…I just don’t like the cold…Florida has me spoiled…it got “cold” here last night…low 30’s :smiley: …we might get 4 or 5 more of those before full spring (The start of Feb. 8) ) and then guess what? Spring training before you guys get out from underneath all that slush and salted roads and scraping ice…as the Great Jerome did oft exclaim…nyuknyuknyuk… :wink:

JD said:

[quote]Great Jerome did oft exclaim…nyuknyuknyuk[/quote]…

Allow me one to digress once…I grew up in a, shall we say ultra religious household, “NO THREE STOOGES - IT WILL ROT YOUR BRAIN!”

In honor of the Great Jerome…my favorite: Niagra Falls


As philosophecally stimulating as the first time I heard the wisdom, the spirit, the demeanor of the Great One…none other and never will there be one his equal…

And the crowd said woob woob woob…nyuknyuknyuk :wink:

We got to see the Stooges once a week at my grandmothers in Chicago on WGN…man what a learning experience…

My grandfather was a steel worker and a part time sylvania tv repair man. What a combination! Thus we had black and white tube tv’s sitting all over the place. I can remember the uhf and vhf wires I used to twist onto the back of the tv trying to get a clear picture of the stooges and the Cleveland Indians.

There was no way you’d be able to see the mechanics and delivery of say, Gaylord Perry like these guys do now. I think that’s part of the reason we were outside so much…one inning of squinting to see the game through all that snow and horizontal / vertical hold and I was outside throwing a tapeball up against the garage wall the rest of the afternoon pretending to be Elroy Face.

The good old days… :roll: