Staying closed/ The stretch of the core

I pitched today batting practice but I tryed to throw a little harder then batting practice. Felt very uncomforable with my mechanics. The back foot was turnning over better but collasped. I was not staying closed and getting the stretch in the core muscles.

How can I improve staying closed and getting the stretch in the core?

{my hips weren’t ahead of the shoulder enough}{ was flying open too}

Need help asap im going to try to work on some stuff for another bullpen on sunday and do mechaincs tomorrow.

I just thought of something that could help 2 of my problems:

Longger stride with staying closed would help the back foot to turn over and get the pre stretch and make the plant leg not collasp so I could get extension in the leg and get arm extension out in front.

Good or bad idea? I think I need to make my stride longger anyway’s

Dude. For real. Stop screwing with your mechanics.

Find your delivery, what works for your body, and do it. Don’t even think about mechanics until you can consistently repeat that delivery. Then start tweaking things to make yourself more mechanically sound.

I mean, you’re how old, 14? 15? You’re gonna think yourself right out of the game. Just throw the ball!

Im trying to get my mechanics ready for tounrey at end of mounth.

And roger clemens and others have changed there mechanics over the years. You make adjustments till you get it right thats what Im trying to do. I was jw if staying closed longger and long stride would help make the mechanics better.

Thinking WAY too much. Just pitch. Yes, people make adjustments, but they’re subtle ones. Just because you have a bad day or a day where you feel uncomfortable doesn’t mean you have to change everything. Also, sometimes the days you feel terrible, you’re actually throwing well. Quit thinking so much.

If you really want to tinker with your mechanics all the time you should have someone record every single pitch that you throw all the time. How can you be so sure of what you are doing based on “feeling”. The pitching motion is too quick and explosive, video is a very helpful tool.

Don’t compare Roger Clemens to yourself. He is a hall of fame pitcher with 20+ seasons experience. I don’t remember your age, but if you are 14 or 15, you may have not developed the muscle memory to repeat your delivery consistently. Don’t worry if you are inconsistent. It’s good that you’re always wanting to get it right and improve. But don’t get caught up in results too much. If the mechanics are there and you feel good about the pitches you make. You will have plenty of time to “get it right”.

I did video tape.

And I was flying out and not staying closed. Also the plant leg collasped I know how to fix that all I need to do is extend it out at landing like Randy johnson or phip hughes and many more MLB pitchers.

THis would be a very little change that I would be doing. I just want to try something to see if It will help me stay closed.

So… Would Pointing the glove to the right of the plate and getting the back leg to turn over at landing get me what I want hips before shoulder?


been looking at pitchers and back foot turn over before landing all day and i’ve come to a conclution.

Im going to sweep the glove out and around will pushing off the mound like roy oswalt. The reason is if I push it will be easy to turn over and get me more momentum and cut down the leaning back. Also The momentum will help with the collasp of the back leg and get my realase point more out ahead.

Pushing while sweeping the glove out and around while turning over the foot right before landing and staying closed will fix:

Hip/shoulder seperation

Will keep me closed

Leaning back

Collasp of the body and back leg

pulled back release point

And if I do this right I will get what I want

Experiment with dragging the foot.

yeah the only problem with side lunging is getting the lower body first which is totally different from the leaning back and easyer to fix.

Back to your original post…

Don’t judge your mechanics based on what you did when you were throwing BP. You weren’t throwing your hardest so you didn’t have your normal intensity, tempo, timing, etc.

Yeah I was throwing a little harder then BP lol. But I’m trying to work on turnning the leg/foot over before landing to look like Scott Kazmir.

I’m trying to get a really good stretch in the muscles is there any key’s to turning the foot over/ leg before landing? How do you do it like that?

Like Nike. Just do it!

How do you do it is there anything mechanicaly that would help turn the foot over before hitting the ground?

I really meant that. Right now, I’d suggest you go out on a mound and try and try to do it. It’s going to be odd at first but you need to spend some time on things. Like some others have said here, you need to stop messing around with mechanics as much as you do and stick with something for long enough to really give it a fighting chance. Let your own body tell you what needs to be done. Give things some repetitions and time. You seem to be trying everything under the sun and giving very little real time to any one of them. Trial and error is just that, trial WITH errors. Those errors help you learn and improve.

Give things a chance for a while. Don’t be so quick to make changes. It’s great that you want to improve and are willing to change, but trying a couple of times and then moving on to something else just isn’t going to get you very far.

Patience, my friend, patience.

yeah im trying to just open them up before landing it feels weird and im very slow but I will get use to it slow and then move to speeding up the delivery and the twisting off the back leg it’s going to take time I know.

RIstar, how old are you and how fast do you throw?

Honestly man, you’re exactly like I used to be. Stop thinking so much. Seriously, you’re what, 15?

Go out on a field some day and get good and loose. Have somebody hit some easy grounders to you in the outfield, and just concentrate on fielding them and throwing the absolute crap out of the ball towards the plate. Do that a few times, then take it to the mound. Replicate that feeling in your delivery. Bingo, that’s how you need to throw. Get to where you can repeat that delivery exactly every time you throw, then you can start trying to fix what flaws you might have.

What I’ve found is that if you’re out there thinking about, “Ok, turn the back foot over, extend the posting leg, hips before shoulders,” you’re gonna be robotic, mechanical, and slow. Chances are, if you just get out there and throw hard like your body wants to, you’re mechanics’ll be halfway decent.

I used to be exactly like you are. You’re looking for that one “magic” mechanical move that’ll turn you into Roger Clemens. As a guy who’s been there, let me tell ya: Ain’t gonna happen. Find how YOUR BODY needs to throw, and stick with it.