Staying behind the baseball

What exactly does this mean, what are the symptons of not doing this correctly and how does one go about fixing it with some drills

In the pitching motion, your hand staying behind the ball (Not being to the pinky side, like a football) will cause these things to happen; better control, better velocity, much less arm impact, later you’ll develop an ability to cut and sink pitches by manipulating your fingers to one side or another. The issues with not keeping your hand behind the ball include, but aren’t limited to, arm fatigue, lack of control, elbow soreness, shoulder soreness, lessened velocity and finally some injury to the arm. The very simplest thing I’ve ever seen used or suggested, is to wrap one circle of electrical tape around the middle of the ball, that way when they throw correctly they’ll see the tape not wabble or rotate out of axis, through repetition they get used to keeping their hand behind the ball, and ultimately they’ll feel how much more efficient it is to throw that way.

thats interesting, ive always noticed that i never had a complete backspin to balls that i have thrown, Ive been pitching all my life and I am currently 18 i throw some what hard around 85 86 but i think that im almost throwing a cutter because i dont stay behind the ball, besides tape, if neone knows ne drills that involve just a partner with a glove that would b awsome but thanks for all that info jd.

would that be the same though for sidearm? or instead of backspin would you get sidespin? if anyone wants to answer this, thanks.

i would assume so, generally side arm guys get a good tail on there fastball because of that side spin created from the arm angle so yea

Yep it works for any arm angle.