Staying balance

i was at a baseball camp this week and the coach saw me moving forward like u guys said to build momentum before your kneelift hits the peak and the coach said that i was losing my balance and told me to stop doing that. any thoughts what i should do?

Depends. Some people aren’t strong enough to handle the building of moment forward that you do. Personally I don’t feel confident enough to be moving forward too fast. You might need to get stronger or just more comfortable with what your doing. I’m sure your coach is right and your getting off balance.

Do you have control issues?

Can’t tell you what to do without first asking some questions:

(1) Is that coach your current/future coach or just a coach at a camp that you happened to attend? If he is your current or future coach, tell him what you’re trying to accomplish so he understands. But be ready for him to stick to his ways. Otherwise, give what he says some consideration and then make your own decision and move on.

(2) Were you doing the “moving forward” thing effectively? If you don’t yet have it mastered, then the coach may have seen you struggling and gave you a short-term fix to what he saw as a problem. In that case, keep working on it.

Be aware that many coaches see things through “a lense”. They try to make all of their pitchers fit that “lense”. This is basically the cookie-cutter approach and it is fairly common. The coach may have simply been trying to get you to look like he thinks you should look. If so, that’s bogus. But if this coach is your current coach, then you’ve got to figure out how to deal with the issue. You’ll probably want to keep working on the “moving forward” thing to get better at it while toning it down when he asks.

[quote=“METS!”]… the coach said that i was losing my balance and told me to stop doing that. any thoughts what i should do?[/quote]Don’t lose your balance. 8) Really, are you actually losing your balance? If so, there’s something causing that and it’s not the “moving forward” thing. If not, he may just be doing what Roger described.

what the coach meant when i was off balacne was that i was falling forward too soon towards home plate so i guess the “leading with my hip” was causing the imbalance and when ever i do that i do ahve control issues. When u guys said to lead with the hips i see in the video library that a lot of MLB pitchers dont do it. It definely helps with a longer stride and stuff but is it a “must do” thing?

Nothing is “must do”. Pick any flaw or less than optimal way of doing something and you’ll be able to find a pro pitcher that does it and is still successful. But, there are a number of top pitchers that do get their hips going soon and fast. Maybe you were trying to make too big of an adjustment. Maybe you lack the core strength to stabilize yourself while moving faster. Maybe you lack the strength to get the stride leg out front faster or to brace the front leg when moving faster. If any of these apply, then that simply means you’ve got to work your way there and starting off with a smaller adjustment would be a good approach.

i agree with u roger i am just going to start with a little at a time but the one thing i notice when i am “leading with the Hips” everything is moving so fast my arm just isn’t coming around fast enough and like i pointed out in my other thread i just have a slow arm, like when i throw my hardest it seems like i am lobbing the ball but velocity is still there so is there anyway i can increase arm speed?thanks

While you might need to shorten up your arm motion, I really think you just need to stick with it a while and all the pieces should fall into place. Once you’ve increased your tempo and are building more momentum, then it’s a matter of getting your timing in place. After that, your arm speed will be there and you’ll be throwing hard while putting less stress on the arm.

i just changed my arm motion a little while ago because someone told me on this forum i was short arming so now i bring my arm all the way back yea so that might be causing the problem but it’s more safe but thanks a lot Roger