Stats Program from Excel?

I was wondering how I can make a Baseball Stats Program from Microsoft Exel? I would like it to keep adding up as I put stats in. Just wondering if anyone knew how to do this.


Ive made one up for myself for this season. if you want i can send it to you so you can have a look. I only have 16 games a season but you can extend it as far as you like :slight_smile:

can you send it to me to. my email is

Can you send it to my email


If theres any problem with it tell me and ill try and fix it. Im pretty good with excel so…

If anyone else wants it, give me an email.

Hi again,

I was wondering if you can make one excel program that includes like w, l, sv, era, whip, oba, k/BB, HBP, BB and when you add the new stats for each pitcher it adds up for team totals and such. How can that all be done?


yeah i have one just like that, if you want i could send it to you.

hey can i get it too? my email is

sure, i just sent it on to you


Can you send it to me as well please? Email is

Thank You


I was wondering if you could make a Excel Program like this?

No., Name (15 Spots), G, IP, W, L, AB, R, ER, H, BB, HB, SO, SV, OBA, WHIP, ERA.

I want it to update the totals for each player when I add in the new stat for them and the Totals i want to update as well.

OH so u want it as a coaching tool?

I could make one up for you, if you want. How many players?


i would say 15 pitchers would be good…you can add anymore stats to it if you like…maybe there’s more stats to keep track for a pitcher that i didn’t say


give me a few days to get it done, hopefully i can get it to work :slight_smile: they way you want

hey can i get it to?my email is :smiley:

can you send it to me too:

Did you’s want the single player or team stat sheets?

Ok ive sent the programs to you, but ive found an error with the ERA in the team sheets. Ill send you the fixed copy

Can i get some feedback please. Also is there anyone else who wants it. My email addy is if you do want one message me there.