Statistics are an important part of our work. Statistics can provide a base for which a lot of assumptions can be made. However, I should point out that a group of numbers are not stand-alone, gospel truth, set in stone of and by themselves. Statistics can however, with a lot of intuition and reasoning, support a series of decisions that aid and assist both the pitcher and his/her coach(s).

Below are some NCAA Division schools and their web sites that contain statistics for both the pitching staff and their club in total. You’ll notice that when comparing one school against the other and even one division against the other, most fall pretty close in line with the norm in that group/division. Some even match a higher or lower division, number to number. Take note for example the IP-innings pitched, ERA-earned run average, BB-base on balls, SO- strike outs, and so forth.

And while you’re at it, see how your numbers match up.

Don’t know what all the abbreviations mean? These web sites can help:




You can find a college or university near you by addressing this web site and enter the NCAA division of your choice then scroll down the list of institutions listed.

Coach B.