Statistics on 14yo Pitcher


Can someone look at my grandson’s pitching statistics and give advice? He is a 14yo LHP in 8th grade pitching for middle school. He will be 15 in April.

Fastball: High 70’s
Curveball: Has it down pat
Change up: almost has it
Innings Pitched: 12
Total Outs: 36
Strike Outs: 24
Other Outs: 12 (8 ground outs, 3 fly outs, and 1 put out to 3rd)
Total Hits: 7
Walks: 4
Total Pitches: 165
Strikes: 125
Balls: 40

We have not kept up with his first pitch to batter. We will start doing that.

Thanks for any advice.


Laural0938, Advice? No advice necessary, other than keep your grandson “grounded” meaning feet on the ground. His stats are solid and will only regress from here. These numbers are obviously near perfect. As he gets into high school, players will be stronger and better, but these are great numbers. Stay humble and enjoy the game and stay healthy. I have seen similar numbers with 14 year olds that ended up not even making their high school team 3 years later. Not many but it does happen.


When I was 15 years old, I was a sophomore in high school. I made the all area team (honorable mention as a 14 year old freshman pitcher - facing varsity players). My question is - why is he still in middle school?


He was held back in 1st grade because of reading. Now he is in all advance classes. He should be in 9th.


Thank you for your reply. Our high school plays a month of ball after school is out for the summer. He got to play with the JV team last summer. He did really good. He seems to have more confidence and maturity this year with his pitching. I think pitching for the JV team helped.


Middle school stats aren’t really meaningful. The velo shows he obviously has pretty good arm strength, but otherwise advice would be to keep his arm healthy, keep him focused on his schoolwork, and make sure he continues to enjoy the game.


His stats are strong because he’s pitching well and he’s got an age advantage on the kids he’s facing. Continue to work on control other than simply strikes to balls percentages. If he wants to continue success, he will need to locate his pitches. Once he starts facing the better 16-18 year olds, simply throwing strikes will not get the job done.


Here’s an update: He played a month of High School ball this summer. We didn’t keep up with his statistics, because they only pitch one or two innings a game. He did average two strikeouts an inning. He also had a big hitter hit it out. He said right after he released the ball, he knew it was going out. This was the first time he had someone hit it out. He recovered well by striking the next batter out.
He was clocked in one of the games by the high school coaches and his cruising speed was 78 with the highest being 81.
He went to a workout with a travel ball league to a D1 college. There were scouts there from that college and some smaller colleges. Word came back that if he gets taller (he is almost 5’9") and throws 88 he would be offered. He’s never been in the weightroom, but starts Monday after school at the high school. He knows he has lots of work ahead of him if he wants this.