Stationary bike

my legs are pretty week compared to a pitchers/athletes normal stength. I’m wondering how effective a stationary bike would be. the best 2 days when i worked out i go on the stationary bike for 5 mins 2 times… Will this help my pitching ( ima start doing ore time as i gain more stamina) how effective is it compared to running?

If anything, I would primarily use it as a way to warm up. I don’t see how it well help improve your pitching, since pitching is primarily about power. Focus on continuing to develop your legs, and squat, squat, squat!

I’ll let kc chime in on the effects of running vs biking. He’s more knowledgeable then I am when it comes to training, and how one thing relates to the other. He’ll be able to help you out! :slight_smile:

Squat, learn technique, then get heavier and heavier!

find a good weight program, then modify it to how you like it!

As for the cardio stuff:

Stationary bike - 2x5 minutes…what were you expecting to gain?, for 5-10 minutes you are barely raising your heart beat.

I personally would train:

some distance training maybe 5-10 poles 2-3x per week

You really have not given us much info to work on?
what are you aims/weight/age etc etc?

no no im only doing the 5 mins till i gain mor stamina…like i said i dont have stamina… obviously the more i do it the longer i will be on the bike…

i am 16 5’9" 207 (trying to drop some lbs…) my aims is to gaim more velocity and just be better overall conditioned… for when tryouts start. i would like to hit 80+ mpg if possible come tryout time…i only throw like 70… usually 65…

Riding a bike is aerobic exercise, throwing a baseball is anaerobic. If you wanna drop lbs., then the bike is great. If you want to get in better condition and throw faster, it wont help much. Like I have said many times before, pitching is a short and explosive movement. In order to raise your anaerobic function, you need to train differently than an aerobic athlete (cyclist, long distance runner, etc.).

There are many routines you can do that will work you out and also add some explosiveness to your muscles. Here is a little sample routine you can do, no equipment needed:
Run 600 meters-> 30 seconds of constant pushups, 20 seconds rest.
Run 400 meters-> perform 30 v-ups, rest 10 seconds.
Run 400 meters-> 30 seconds of pushups, 20 seconds rest.
Run 200 meters-> 20 seconds of pushups (no rest)
Run 200 meters->20 seconds of v-ups (no rest)
Run 200 meters-> 30 seconds of pushups

Try that out. I guarantee it will whoop your butt like no other. But your body will thank you come baseball season, and you will start to see a lot of improvement in strength endurance, as well as max strength. Also, go buy a jumprope. If the weather is bad, you can use the jumprope instead of running. If you want more workouts, check out Ross Enamait (that routine comes from one of his old, now out of print books).

by run you mean sprint right?

If you can sprint for each of those, then more power to you. Most people can’t maintain a full sprint for 600-400 meters. I’d aim for 70-80% of your full sprint- that way you will be able to finish it out without passing out. If you have enough gas in the tank, go full sprint on the 200 meters.

You could definitly diet too, I know this hard to do at our age because we are not really available to the money to purchase healthy foods plus going out to eat late at night doesnt really help, but if you can focus on eating healthy things such as lean meat, chicken, tuna fish…stuff like that you will definitly feel alot better about yourself and you will also drop some excess fat.