Static Stretching

My physical therapist told me It is not good and not advised to static stretch for longer periods of time before the game and/or before I pitch.
Any truth to this?

Yes that is correct.

Roger will comment on this.


Careful, though. I think this “No Static Stretching” thing can be taken too literally. You should ALWAYS stretch/warm-up to pitch. There just may be better ways to do it than holding a stretch for 30 seconds like you do with static stretching. Really, guys … stretching IS VERY important, but doesn’t have to take a long time to do. Just needs to be more dynamic than many of you are currently doing.

The purpose of warm-ups is to literally warm up the body - to increase blood flow and raise the body temperature. Tendons and ligaments are more immune to injury when they are warm. Furthermore, the “experts” are now saying that stretching muscles before performing can actually hurt your performance (depending on what it is you do, I presume).

Stretching is necessary for maintaining/increasing flexibility so it still needs to be done. But it should be done when the muscles are already warm. Therefore, a good time to do static stretching is AFTER your performance while you’re still warm. Or, you can incorporate into your warm-up certain activities that involve both movement (for warming up) and stretching. For example, walking lunges are great for warming up and they also include some strength work (the front-side quad) and some flexibility work (back-side hip flexor). But if doing this as part of your warm-ups, try to get in some non-stretching activities before doing those that include stretching so you are at least partially warmed up before doing any stretching.

Google “dynamic warmup” for ideas on good warm-up activities.