Static arm stretches

What is your opinion of static arm stretches? Do they have a benefit for a pitcher? If so which stretches are good?

I feel like they are good and they have some benefit. Not sure how much.

I do the following stretches: arm across chest, overhead tri stretch, bi stretch(hold hand against wall perpandicular(badly mispelled) to your body. With arm fully extendeded, stretch the arm back), and i do one other. I got it from doing yoga. you basically just hold your hands in ‘praying position’ behind your back as far up as possible and try to pull you elbows back.

I’m not doing this by itself, but in addition to a full arm strength program.

I’m just curious what everyone thinks.


Static stretches for the throwing arm are great following throwing, but definitely should not be used before throwing. The static stretches that you listed are good, but you should probably incorporate forearm and elbow stretches as well.

Also, you can add a rotator cuff stretch in which you are laying on your side on top of your shoulder with your head resting on something (a foam roller, glove, anything), and slowly push your throwing arm’s hand down until you feel a stretch in the rotator cuff.

If you can push your hand down to the ground then you are doing it wrong. It’s one of the best post-throwing rotator cuff stretches that you can do.

I’m with Ultimate on this, static stretches are good post throwing not pre-throwing when do you do your static stretches?

Never before. I do them whenever I stretch, which is either well before I throw or well after.

I always do dynamic stretches before I play or exercise. I should know that of course because my dad is a gym teacher haha. :lol:


Many think it’s not okay to do static stretching before competition/practice, and generally they are correct.

However, if you have a deficit in range of motion, such as is most common for internal rotation at the shoulder; it’s actually mandatory that you increase the length of the tight tissue with static stretching BEFORE a dynamic warm up.

So the pre-competition rule is: tight, limited tissue–>static stretch it first–>dynamic stretch it second.

Make sense? :smiley: