Starting to pitch now

Hi people, Some weeks ago i found this forum and posted something about the dificulties we find here in Brazil to play baseball and asked some advice to improve my mechanics. Yesterday i managed to film my pitching mechanics. I’m 20 yo now, so far my ball doesn’t have much velocity as you can see in the video. Maybe i should start working with some weigh to muscle up because i’m a small guy. But it would also help me if you give me some advice about my mechanics.

Thank you all!

Two things stand out to me. First, you need to get yourself moving towards your target sooner. Push your hips sideways towards your target before your knee comes all the way up.

Second, you need to control your glove arm in front of you instead of letting it swing out to the side and behind you. This will help you avoid open up early.

Here is something I learned early on—you need to get your whole body into the action and not throw with just your arm and shoulder! You need to drive off the lower half of your body, using the legs, the hips and the torso in one continuous (and seamless) motion, so that you generate more power behind your pitches, not to mention take a lot of pressure off said arm and shoulder. I learned to do this from watching how the Yankees’ fabled Big Three rotation—Vic Raschi, Allie Reynolds and Ed Lopat—were doing this, and I made a note of it and started working on it on my own; as I practiced this essential element of good mechanics I found that I was throwing harder and faster with less effort—and not a sore arm or a sore elbow or a sore anything else in the bunch! :slight_smile: 8)

your glove should always place around your chest

No…this will cause many issues.

This is my son, watch how he gets his hips moving and see how he uses his front arm in the way Roger explains.

I don’t want you to copy him…just understand these movements are critical to pitch at a high level…so adapt it to how you throw.

what’s wrong with placing glove around the chest??

your son also place the glove around the chest

what issues you are refering to ?

unless you want him to learn like Rich Harden that the glove is always around the butt when he finish :frowning:

your son has a pretty good mechanics as well (nice pendulum swing, no inverted L, decent followthrough phase, good balance 8) see him in major next time ^^)

[quote]what’s wrong with placing glove around the chest??

your son also place the glove around the chest

what issues you are refering to ? [/quote]

If you just immediately place the glove on the chest…unlike what Andy is doing there (he extends his glove out and then brings his body to the glove) you lose that stability, which effects timing and accuracy, not just putting it on his chest… some do it and get away with it but it isn’t a teach…Hyde this is the kind of thing that an experienced instructor would know, instead of throwing out drivel as to what a man who gets 9 million a year does…when Rhu gets that good he can throw anyway he wants.
It is absolutely necessary to understand the basic concepts of fundemental throwing…BEFORE you try to act like some pro who isn’t anything like the person you are or Rhu is.

Ok, hydejing’s vague suggestion got me to look at this video again. I didn’t watch the video all the way through the first time and didn’t know the camera angle changed. So I’ve taken another look.

The issues I see are a lack of momentum and a stride direction that is significantly to the glove (i.e. open) side of the target. I also see the glove not being extended out front enough. My suggestions are as follows:

(1) Get your body moving forward sooner. Push your hips sideways towards your target before your knee comes all the way up. This will create more momentum and better timing.

(2) Get your stride foot to plant more inline with your target. In the video, your body goes one direction while your arm tries to throw in a different direction. You want all of the energy created by your momentum to be directed in the same direction that you’re going to throw the ball. You can help make this happen by getting your hips moving in the right direction in (1).

(3) Extend the glove further out front during your stride so that the glove arm extends out front the same distance that the throwing arm extends back (i.e. both arms should be bent the same at the elbows). This will help with timing to allow later shoulder rotation.

The glove doesn’t really swing out to the side as I stated previously and that’s good. The glove does swing behind you but after ball release so, while it’s not in a good position to defend yourself against a come-backer, it won’t affect the pitch. Roger Clemens did this.

Thank you guys. You gave me high quality advices and talked about things i’ve never taken care about.

1 - Actually i didn’t know the glove arm has such an influence in the direction of the ball, i just let it go as it feels more comfortable. From now on ill try to keep it closer to my chest.

2 - When i started to practice pitching my stride foot did go towards the target. But i felt unconfortable with control and i thought it was because of my arm slot is 3/4. When i moved my foot in line whith the target, the ball usually went all the way to the right, sometimes causing a hit by pitch in right handed batters. The only way i found to control that was moving my body sideways before the deliver and this way i had more control, so far i know its wrong. I really hope you can give me a solution.

Again, i really apreciate all the aid you gave me. Ill try to film my next tranings so i can show my improvements and receive new advices.

PS: Roger Thank you to compare me to Roger Clemens(even though it is not in a really positive way). Maybe someday you compare me to Randy Johnson, i would prefere :slight_smile:

sorry i should correct it as place your glove as you followthrough,

of course who will place the glove at the start before you stretch hahahaha…of cours both arms have to extend first…-_-