Starting question

there is a guy at the baseball camp who just started to pitch. he can throw his fastball in the zone i’d say around 60% of the time but can’t really hit the spots correctly and he can get wild. he’s mostly throwing from very low 3-4 and his fastball has a lot of movement. he’s a lefty like me so that’s why i would like to help him plus the coach always makes fun of lefty i know it’s not to be mean but sometimes when things aren’t going right in something you’re just starting to learn that might get on you so i’m always there to help him. I asked him if his arm angle was natural and he told me it wasn’t all that much natural since he learned to pitch watching mlb pitchers throwing and sometimes he’s more into zito so he throws from a higher arm slot sometimes he’s more into johnson so he comes sidearm. it sounds like a little kid learning to pitch which is pretty much the case considering he just started a couple months ago. i talked to him about the knucklecurve, the one where you push the ball forward with your fingers and it seems to be natural for him. he had a hard time throwing curveballs and i told him eventhough he’s old, his arm isn’t ready for heavy pitches like that. the problem is that he can only throw the knucklecurve from a very high arm slot. considering he just started and this pitch seems to be a great pitch to be, should i tell him to try and throw from the same angle he throws his knucklecurve? it’s seriously effective and the catcher told him he never saw a curveball moving like that so he would build his pitching motion around his knucklecurve instead of his fastball so that he has a fastball and a breaking pitch when he starts pitching. i mean i’ll tell him to work on his fastball a lot and get control over it. maybe the fact that he throws from a higher arm slot will reduce the amount of movement on his fastball but from the other angle he only has a fastball. i will teach him the change up too since i’m mostly a fastball change-up pitcher.

just wanted you to know what was the situation and what is your opininon about it.

its for next saturday so i’d like to know what you think as soon as possible.

Pitchers need to be careful when looking at and emulating pro pitchers. There are certain things that the top pitchers have in common and those things are good to emulate. But arm slot isn’t one of them, IMHO. Johnson throws from the low slot for a reason. Zito throws from a higher slot for a reason. Neither throws from the other’s slot - for a reason. I believe your teammate should figure out what is the most natural slot for him and use that. I feel that will lend itself to consistency, durability, and maximum velocity. Throwing from an unnatural slot might put some great movement on one certain pitch but it might make his other pitches worse assuming he throws everything from the same slot. Throwing from an unnatural slot might also be more tiring and increase the chance of injury. This is all just my opinion, of course.

It’s better (more deceptive) to throw every pitch from the same arm slot. If his knuckle curve is his best pitch, then I think it makes sense to go from there.