Starting position of glove/hands

Ok i went through a little bit of control trouble past two games and after whatching some video i was caught off balance a lot and leaning backwards a little bit. I wasnt completely comfortable in my past mechanics so i decided to change them i went with basically copying Beckett because i wanted to start with my hands down by my waist rather then with my hands closer to my face similiar to andy pettite but not quite as high. It deffinately feel more comfortable but i have yet to pitch in a game since changing it. If my problem was i was leaning back a little bit and was landing off balance towards my back and heels, would this help?

Also i see a lot of people start with there glove closer to there face rather then waist is this soley put on preference? Or what

Another reason i switched was i had a weird problem persay my pitching coach said no other player he knows major league or anywhere does it. Usually when your knee comes up so does your glove like theres a string attached to both but mine was the opposite which is probally leading to some problems.

What is you guys preference at positioning.

hey hows it going. Good question. My personal believe is that it does not matter. I keep my glove right down to my waist and when i raise it, it creates more momentum for me. Also dude tim lincecum does this too and he tops out at 98mph. So ya it works for him and it works for me as well. You should do what you are comfortable with.

Also dude i see that you have 4 different pitches you throw and working on 3 new pitches. That would be 7 pitches. If it was me i would focus only on 3. The reason for this is that at the college level you need 2 really good pitches and major league level you need at least 3. So instead of having 7 average pitches wouldn’t you want 3 defistating pitches to strike people out with. Just my personal opinion though.
Hope this helps.

From the wind up, I just keep my glove and hand over my face. I do this and don’t put my hands over my head or anything special because that wastes too much energy. Its simple, and it works for me.

I don’t think it makes any difference. You start with what feels comfortable for you and what enables you to get going. When I pitched, many moons ago, I began by leaning in to get the sign, and when I got it I straightened up and just went into the full windup. If I was pitching from the stretch I would come down to the set position, just above the belt. The important thing for me was to conceal the pitch as long as possible.
As far as working on a whole bunch of pitches, which you seem to be doing—a lot depends on whether you have a fast ball or not. If you do, I would say that you could do very well with three or four pitches—for instance, the fast ball-curve-changeup combination, which is good, or the fast ball-slider-changeup which I have seen a lot of pitchers use with telling effect, or a sinker-slider-changeup—you can take your pick and really develop those. But if you’re a snake-jazz pitcher—that was what I was, didn’t have a fast ball worth mentioning so I had to go to the breaking stuff! I ended up building a very fine arsenal around a killer slider which I nicknamed “Filthy McNasty” and a very good knuckle-curve, plus a whole assortment of changeups to choose from at various times. Eventually I picked up, don’t ask me how, an 81-mile-an-hour four-seamer which my pitching coach informed me was, for a finesse pitcher such as me, a fast ball, and I added it to my repertoire. My strikeout pitch? That slider, which I often combined with the crossfire (I was one of those exasperating sidearmers who used it all the time).
Ah…those were the days. :slight_smile: 8) :baseballpitcher:

thanks for the advice everyone i always thought it was personal preference just clarifying.

As for the pitches the reason behind it is i used to always throw fastballs and nothing else up until summer of this year i could always overpower basically everyone i played up against until i played legion ball and i had to work on mixing it up i had a solid change from last year already and tried to find the pitch that works best for me. I experiemented with a cutter first on my own it worked wonders in legion as it really ended up more of a slurve. Then come offseason i tried to develop a good slider which made some good progress but then come spring ball i couldnt throw it consitently.
So then i took it upon myself and developed a knuckle curve recently that has worked very well. In the end i plan on widdling it down to 3-4 pitches maybe 5 because personally i think 4seam 2seam are interchangeable since most of the time i throw 2 seam. My changeup will stay then i have to decide between Curve,Slider,Cutter for my last 1-2.

I never in any way planned on throwing 7 pitches just know how to throw them and am trying to find which work best before college next year.

I believe it is personal preference but I like kids to either start with their hands high or raise them with the leg lift. It does create better rhythm and it helps create a smooth arm swing.

Ya i used to just start high but i found for whatever reason i was coming down when my knee was coming up which is not good this way deffinately helps me stay in a better rhtyhm i think.