Starting Pitching as 22 year old

Hi all

I played some softball and baseball during my teens but was nothing special as I was some tall lanky kid with not much muscle.

Over the past year I’ve put on nearly 40 pounds and right now I stand at 22 years old, 6’4’’ 205. I would like to play in some local hardball leagues preferably as a pitcher, but I don’t have much experience if any serious experience at all besides throwing around with some friends once in a while over the past few years.

What are some reasonable pitch speeds I could expect, and should I just stick with a 4seam fb, and change-up for now?

I would strongly recommend that you find, and work with, a good pitching coach who can help you first discover what speeds you are capable of now and subsequently work to increase those speeds. As to repertoire—you have a fast ball and a change, which is good, but you could also think about acquiring a good breaking pitch or two—and, of course, it’s essential to get good control and command of all of those pitches. There’s a section on these boards, “Find A Pitching Coach”, which you might look into—there’s likely to be someone in your area. Good luck. 8)

you have potential to throw as hard as you want at 6’4 205, its gana take a while though. i use to pitch in lil league and quit my 9th grade year(couldnt make any teams didnt throw hard blahblahblah) i started throwing again when i was a lil over 20years old. no coaches just the internet and non stop practice and training, alone. i just turned 24 and am around the 88-91 range i plan on playing for the cc team and trying to get a scholarship to a university. my goals to sit 92-94 but i gata gain weight and stuff. point is if you keep at it you can throw however hard you want but its gana take time and alot of practice. you need a glove, a bucket of balls, and some time. the local leagues, like naba and such, you can do what i did and get to be able to throw strikes and get on an average team then learn through there. i got a vid on this page a couple posts down titled. “analize my mechanics” if you wana take a look at me after 3 years with no coaches and no help not even a person to catch with. its all in you and how hard you work at it, ope this has been helpful.