starting over....

i’ll start by saying, i have been out of baseball for 3 years, didn’t stay in “baseball shape” and didn’t throw at all… last april a entered an adult hardball league, we played only on sundays, and i only pitched. after 3 years of not throwing or being in any kind of shape i got gunned at 90-92 a handfull of times and stayed consistent at 86-88 and i’m 23. my question to you is, do you think starting a workout now could help that much? And what would you prefer? I had quit playing after 2 years at a juco and was barely touching 90. I would love to see how far i could take this newfound velocity and arm strength, even if it is just an adult league.

It’s a relative question. If your idea of “help” is keeping your body healthy over the course of a long season, then yes a strength and conditioning program can help. In terms of adding velocity, thats more difficult to answer. You may or you may not.

But if you really want to give it another go, then you might as well get into your best shape. Check out Steven’s book.