Starting out

I’ve always loved throwing a baseball. There were times that I threw just at a wall for an hour or so. A year ago, I participated in the Pitching Academy instructional classes in NYIT. I learned a lot from it but one guy told me that I could do this. I still had to finish up my football offseason and season work so I passed on it for a year until my senior year of HS baseball tryouts. The coach was impressed with my pitching but did not pick me because he was looking for hitters. I still do a lot of weightlifting, focusing on the legs and the back. I tried joining a league in my area but I was too young. I tried calling up a post for American Legion baseball but there was no answer. I don’t know how to play but I just want to. I have no one to turn to for help except this forum. How do I find a league for a 17-year old like me in NYC before I go to college, or do anything baseball-related?

Try doing a generic Google search. I lived in Upstate New York and played school and summer ball. After I moved to the Southern New Hampshire area I didn’t know where I could play, a simple Google search led me to a website where I put down my contact info and interested teams contact me for a tryout, be prepared to travel though if you want a competitive league. I average a 45 minute commute to my home games and even further for away game, but the experience is worth it.

The one issue is, most summer leagues have already began by now, with college coming to an end and high schools in NY ending mid-June following Regents exams. Best of luck to you.

Check out the MABL Long Island League, Im not sure what the age cutoff is. Also check out

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