Starting off with striding vs lifting the leg

So, this is something I have been wondering about for a while. Let’s say a pitcher lifts his front leg and then strides before throwing. Then, if there is someone on base, they will just go with no leg lift, and usually, get the same amount of velocity. So, doesn’t that mean there is no point in the leg lift? Feel free to weigh in with your opinion.

Are you a lefty or righty?

I wouldn’t recommend going no leg lift (the slide step) from the stretch with runners on base. You’d be better off finding that sweet spot between a full leg lift and a slide step with an abbreviated leg lift that’s quick – remember, you want to be 1.3 seconds of less – but still gives your body time to transfer weight back before springing forward.

A good technique to use is to bring the lead knee back to the pivot leg thigh area which transfers the body weight over the pivot leg.

A little leg lift is necessary to allow time for the pitching arm to make its normal arm swing to the cocked position, and to transfer some body weight and momentum back before starting the body forward.

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I am a righty. Thx for the advice

Thanks! I’ll share with my 12U pitcher. We were just talking about this a few weeks ago.