Starting baseball late(15)


So i decided to take up baseball at age 15. I understand that i’m going to be severely behind other people that started younger but i just want to know how i can learn how to pitch the right way. I tried pitching with my friend but for whatever reason no matter what i throw it no where near the plate. Either near the outside of the batters box or just a very wild pitch. What are some things me a beginner to pitching do to get better control and etc. Baseball seems very fun so far :smile:


Make up for lost time by getting as much extra work in as possible. Do not make meaningless throws. Try to accomplish something with each throw. A good way to work on accuracy is to start at short distances then slowly expand to full pitching distance. As you get into acceptable variances, even pitch beyond the full distance. If you have inconsistencies, they will show up at the longer distances. Think about how hard it is to shoot accurately with a rifle. Small mistakes are magnified over distance. Still, don’t spend too much time on accuracy, because if you want to pitch, you will need to bring the cheese.