Started Pitching Again: Same Old, Same Old

After an absence of pitching (coaches wouldn’t let me), I’m on a fall ball team and I got to pitch. My stats:

2 IP, 6 k’s 6 bb.

This is the exact same as I have always been (accumulating massive k and bb numbers). I’m worried about this because the last team I was on my first game was 2.1 IP, 7 k’s, 5 bb. As the season progressed, I became wilder and wilder and eventually the coaches couldn’t take the wild pitches and walks anymore, and shut me down.

How can I fix this?

next nolan ryan

Yeah well I don’t throw 104 mph, oh wait nevermind.

But seriously, what can I do?

[quote]Yeah well I don’t throw 104 mph, oh wait nevermind.

But seriously, what can I do?



you are in somewhat the same position nolan ryan was in
his first 3 years he was a relief pitcher cause he had no control

if you can get 6 K’s in two innings thats just completly dominant

dont fly open stay closed
keep your eyes on the target
get your mechanics evaluated/analyzed

ask other guys on this site or professionals/coaches

Yea what kelvin said just try to fix up your mechanics with a pitching coach or post them up on here. You obviously have some good stuff to get the k’s you get so if you can fix your control you should be in good shape

I guess the only solution is mechanics evaluation b/c I am pretty closed when I pitch and I make a conscious effort to keep my eyes on the glove.

I’m sure with the great guys on this website we could pick apart your mechanics and find the source of the problem.

Worst case senario you just need to practice practice practice. Keep throwing to work on location.