Start Pitching


Four tryouts have been completed with seven more left. Each tryouts are two hours long and two times a week. When should the pitchers start pitching? How many tryouts until they can start?

Need a little more detail.

Just wondering how many tryouts do the kids have to throw before they can start pitching?

I’m not an expert but I do have a lot of experience. I would say let them throw asap and keep it smart. If you plan on having them throw soon after they pitched then restrict their pitch count to say 20-25 or 3 hitters.

How old are the kids?


Every pitcher in Spring Training throws a bullpen on the first day of reporting to camp, followed by bullpens every 2nd or 3rd day thereafter for the month of March.

that first bullpen was 50-60 pitches, all fastballs. We added off speed pitches in Week 2, and build up to 80 pitches (for starters) by the end of March.

Obviously, you’re dealing with younger kids, but I’d have them throwing early and often. Most pitchers do not throw enough this time of year and it shows with injuries and arm problems later n the season. I think you can mitigate those issues to an extent by ramping up the throwing now…

Let us know how it goes!

Steve,50 or 60 for high schoolers who have been throwing? We could have younger pitchers that have not thrown.

Steve—remember what so many pitching coaches have said? “Throw every day.” And they were, and are, so right. Nothing beats throwing every day, whether it be just playing catch for fifteen or twenty minutes or doing a full bullpen session—best way I know of to keep the arm loose and flexible, thus avoiding all kinds of problems. There was one offseason when the Yankees went on a cruise, and the second day out David Cone was on deck playing catch. He was more than ready to go when spring training started.
You’re right. Ramp it up early. I doesn’t matter whether the kids are 12 or 22 or 32—keep throwing, keep the arm loose—and build up that much needed endurance in the process. :slight_smile: