i threw 5 innings of shutout baseball with 6 k’s. i wanna get my stamina up so i can go the ideas?

do cardio work

i think keep throwing… the more you throw the long you’ll last .

thanks but wont that wear me out even more?

Im not saying throw 150 pitches daily. Throw like 40 pitches a day slowly build up strength. It’sl like working out , you build up strength slowly not all at once.

ok i understand thanks

Yea GottyJ is right. I had horrible stamina and i slowly built it up by throwing like 30 piches a day and slowly building up.

Do you play catch? How often?
My son and I throw every opportunity we have, it’s fun and he can work on funk that he wouldn’t normally break out (Fork, knuc, just messin stuff). We’ve done this since he was little and watchin me and his big brother chunk, we do stuff like see how many times he can hit the same spot with all his real stuff, workin cut and sinker, who has the biggest hook (I’m a lefty he a righty), just goofin around without the strain of hyper competitiveness. All flat ground and low impact, but the by product is that he is a horse, rubber armed monkey that has 7 jv and 3 varsity cg this season. I’ve heard so many people say it but just throw, not after a hundred pitch outing mind you (Give yourself some time to heal). The head coach of the University of North Florida (He’s coached Olympically) told me the the Japanese get out there 8 hours prior to game time and throw and throw.
You might even find more baseball fun than you’ve had in a long time and that can give your game a new spark you didn’t even know you had.